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Optimise Your Potential

Join Nicola Burton (Certified Life & Transformational Coach) for
4 x 1 hour sessions designed to EMPOWER YOU to reach your FULL POTENTIAL faster.

Read on below to find out more.

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In this course, Nicola will share with you some amazing insights into what makes a
Sustainable High Performer - and it might not be what you think!


Part 1 - YOUR WHY

In the first session we will focus on assisting you to better understand yourself and what motivates you - our main aim being to help you connect into a more purposeful life.
Connecting with your purpose can influence your behaviours, give you more confidence, shape your future aims, and help you create a meaningful and satisfying life.


In the second session we will use some exercises and prompts designed to help you get really clear on what exactly it is that you want your future to look like. When we are clear about what it is we really want and why we want it, it is that much easier to make it happen...
(more about that in week 4's session) 


Week three's session is all about creating balance in your life so you can succeed sustainably.
We will talk about what helps High Performers last the distance without burning out, and Nicola will share some of the latest findings and information from leading Doctors, Scientists and Thought Leaders in these areas. 

Part 4 - RISE UP

In the Final Session of this course we will look into your subconscious mind and find out how it can help you put your plans into action. We will explore the power of your mind and delve into habit formations and habit stacking, before touching briefly on the areas of energy and influence so you can walk away feeling energised and ready to walk forward on your journey.


Course Postponed due to recent Covid19 Level change. Future Date TBC.


For bookings or more information, please contact Nicola Burton


or Ph. 027 851 6114


Nicola Burton
Certified Life & Transformational Coach

CEO The School for Transformations 


BDes, Cert LC & TC, Cert. Mental Health & Nutrition

And over 100 hours Coaching Experience

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