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Empowering Questions Create Dreams

Did you know that when I first thought about becoming a Personal Coach, my dream seemed unachievable? We had three young and very dependent children at that stage, and we were living predominantly off one modest income - our budget was tight. I had no idea of how I was going to make it happen. The initial training was going to cost thousands of dollars, and that didn't even include the cost of travel or accommodation for the course - let alone the cost of starting up a business after that. I quickly realised that this dream was going to be really difficult. But… instead of asking myself questions like, ‘Why is life so hard?’ Or, ‘Why can’t I win lotto?’, I asked myself a very valuable question… 'How will I make this dream happen?'

That question, that very broad mind opening, forward thinking, magical question led me to wearing the patchwork jeans you can see in this photo. Sure, the jeans were nothing particularly magical, but the money I saved patching them sure was. With that question, 'How will I make this dream happen?', in mind, I began to save like I never thought possible. Clothing was the first expense I dropped after asking myself ‘how long can I go without buying any clothes?’- just over a year as it turns out - with a bit of mending and creative mixing and matching I managed to save literally hundreds of dollars just in that one area of the budget. Next, I began to look for ways to reduce our food budget (while still eating healthily), our power bills, our house expenses, you name it - I was going to find a way to make it cheaper. I kept asking myself more and more empowering questions. Questions like… ‘Are there people living off a smaller income than me?’, ‘How are they doing it?’, ‘How can I still be at home with my kids AND increase my income?’ ‘What am I willing to go without, in order to get what I want?’ Two years later, I booked the coaching course, and shortly after I went on to start The School for Transformations AND build a home office with some more of my savings from that time. After that I decided to keep going and invest the extra money I was saving with that magical question. Long story short, if you want to make something happen, be sure you are asking yourself the right questions. Think about something you really, really want, even if it doesn’t seem possible to get right now. It could be a visit to a friend, lessons for a new hobby, an item of clothing, a car, a house, or even a dream you would like to make become reality. So, what is it you really want? Picture it clearly in your head right now.

WHY is it you want it?

WHAT will it mean to you when you have it? WHAT can you do today to help make it happen? WHAT obstacles might you face? HOW will you overcome them?

And, what other empowering questions can you ask yourself to make this dream happen? Answer the questions above. Write the answers down. And see where asking the right questions takes you!

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