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For Those who are Struggling

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

To the person who has thought, or is thinking about suicide. I see you.

It hurts when we feel like there is no way out and that no-one understands us. Your pain is real. It's OK to feel hurt and sad. And it is just as important to remember, that it will pass.

I once used to feel like I would never get better. That things were happening to me, not for me.

BUT... I'm here to tell you that you CAN feel better again. You CAN survive this. And you CAN have a wonderful life.

Who am I to tell you this?

I'm not a Dr, psychologist or specialist in the field of suicide prevention. I'm just a person who has been suicidal more times than I can count - on both of my hands and my feet.

I'm a person who really thought there was no way out for me... Until I got help.

It wasn't easy. And it may not be easy for you either.

It took years of building up enough courage for me to tell another human my story. It took years of trying to find the right people that could actually help. It took many more years to tell my story again... and again. And years of ups and downs while I revisited awful painful memories.

The worst part was that some of my lowest of lows came after I did get help.

But the point is, that I kept trying. And eventually... it worked. I began to live a life a never thought was possible for me. A life I had only dreamed of.

I'm here to tell you that you can have that too. If you choose to keep fighting, if you choose to stay alive, you can have a good life too.

So I'm asking you to try... and try... and try again.

Try until you find someone who gets you. Someone who truly listens to your story and begins to understand you... so you can begin to understand yourself.

When you take that time to heal yourself, you will be one step closer to becoming the person you were always meant to be. If you have been through hell, it's up to you to figure out why. Why did it really happen to you? Who were you meant to stand up and be in this world? What higher purpose are you here for?

When you figure that out, it no longer becomes your right to keep fighting - it is your duty.

You are here for a reason and until you figure out why, you do whatever it takes to hold on to your life.

I see you. And you can do this. You were born for a reason. Hold on to life. Be kind to yourself.

Doing the deep work to reclaim a good life can be very hard. But when you get yourself out of that dark hole... do yourself and all of us a favour... get help and commit to figuring out what your reason for being is.

Because the world needs you.

We all need you... to LIVE.

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