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The Life List

This morning, while tucked up in my bed with my hubby and listening to the rain pouring heavily on the roof, I was going through my half drafted blog posts to find one I could share with you, to warm your heart on this cold and rainy day. It was then I stumbled across my 'Life List'.

My Life List is sort of like my bucket list - I guess. I started when I was at a particularly low point in my life, and struggling to manage my head. The list gave me something to focus on. I would write down small things I could manage to do fairly easily in a day. Things that made me feel a bit better. The original list had things like...

  • Give my kid a hug

  • Make something nice for a friend

  • Do a very small amount of sewing

  • Do my hair nicely

  • Read one paragraph of a book

Then after a while my list kind of morphed... it sort of became a list of goals. There were things on there that I wanted to have, and things I wanted to do. Without me realising it, my 'Life List' became like a blueprint, or set of instructions, for my FUTURE LIFE.

I wrote down anything and everything I wanted.

Some of the things, back then, were things like; a house I could do up, a pair of Dr Marten Boots, a studio in my backyard, to be a better parent... etc. And you know what the crazy thing was? After I moved house, I didn't see that list for a few years, but one day, when I was going through a box of old paperwork, I found it and I was shocked.

I was shocked because I could hardly believe the amount of things I had ticked off on that old list. There were some things I hadn't made happen, mind you. Most of the clothing items were not in my possession - in fact, I no longer even wanted them. But, what I had made happen, was far greater. I had achieved many of the big dreams I had listed down, and the reason I had managed to do so many of those things was partially because I had forgone the smaller necessary items, and used the money and time I had saved to work on those bigger goals.

Creating that list had literally changed my life. Years later I still have my 'Life List' on my phone. I edit it every once in a while so I can check in with myself and see how I am getting on with crossing stuff off. I am humbled and truly amazed each time I go back to the list, to see how many of the things are now my reality.

So, if you haven't got a Life List or something similar, I am begging you to START ONE NOW!

Think about it...what would be the first five things on your own Life List?

You can start small... little achievable goals / things that make you feel good if you do them... then let your list naturally evolve over time, and see where it takes you! As for my current Life List... well, I won't share too much, but let me just say... one of the things I want to cross off involves me doing a LOT more writing!

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