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What does the "right" life look like?

What does the "right" life look like... for you?

Having a happy, healthy life that you LOVE living (because it just feels "right" - in every inch of your being, even right down to your little pinky toe), means figuring out exactly what "right" looks like for you.

Chances are that your "right" life won't look like your neighbours "right", and I highly doubt it will look like your friend's "right" life either, in fact, I'd go as far as to say, that it won't look like anyone else's "right" life. That is because your version of the "right" life is completely unique to you and the journey you have been on through your life so far.

Crafting your "right" life, means understanding what you personally value, and knowing how to act in accordance with those values.

Crafting your life means working out what you want for your own future, the future of the people around you, and the future of this whole world too, so that you may leave it even better than you found it... it means living a life you will be proud of leaving behind when it is all over.

Once you understand what that looks like for you, going on to create the life you love to live will mean you have to say YES to those things that matter to you deep down, even when that YES involves discomfort from your growth in the direction you want to go.

And, though sometimes it can be sad, awkward or difficult, it also means you have to say NO to the stuff that doesn't fit in with your goals / and what feels "right" for you, in the new life you are creating.

Figuring out what your "right", based on your own truths, looks like can take quite a bit of time. It takes a commitment to self-reflection, self-discovery, self-understanding and research (especially into conflicting ideas of "right" to challenge your beliefs). But, ask anyone who loves their life and I am betting they will say that the time spent figuring it out what their "right" life looked like, and figuring out how to implement it in to each day, was well worth the time spent mulling it over.

Think about it, when all is said and done, what will you want the people around you to say about you? What kind of an impact do you want to have left behind for the generations to come?

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