Are you feeling burned out, stressed or run down?


Do you want to bring more balance into your life, but you are just not sure how to?


Or, are you wanting to reach the next level in your life in a way that you can sustain?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above then this is the workbook for you. 


'The Brightest Star' exercise was developed by me, Nicola Burton, to enable go-getting people like you to raise your personal awareness in the areas of your life that are important in supporting you to rise up and shine.


This model provides a visual way to analyse your life, encourage your strengths, and support your areas that require attention. It is designed to help you find your own intuitive solutions that will ultimately help you shine bright and live a life you love. 


Want to go deeper? Book a 1:1 consultation with Nicola, bring your star along, and together we will work to optimise your potential - supernova style!

The Brightest Star