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"THE JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES BEGINS WITH ONE STEP"                                    - LAO-TZU

What Time Works For You?

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Remove the barriers preventing you from achieving your goals and start becoming the person you really want to be, today.


Enter your details on our form to book a free 15 minute phone consultation with Nicola or simply text 0278516114 to make a time for a free no obligation 15 minute (in person) chat. 

Go on, take the first step... You deserve to live a truly wonder-filled life!

Sessions are via booking at the rate of $85- per hour*.

*Prices Subject to change.


Nicola Burton
Certified Life & Transformational Coach

CEO The School for Transformations 


BDes, Cert LC & TC,
Cert. Mental Health & Nutrition

And over 100 hours Coaching Experience

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