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"I found Nicola's sessions very helpful. She worked with me to ensure we focused on what I really needed. She pinpointed areas of my life that needed management and work and explained clearly what I could do to implement the skills she provided. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve any area of their life."

Campbell Gill

"I knew the lifestyle I wanted to live but I never knew what I wanted to do in life until recently, although I had the idea Nicola helped me put my ideas into practice so I could start living the life I want, not being being stuck in a 9 to 5 that i do not like instead, taking something I love doing into something to make some income so I can live a more freeing life and be there to parent my son the way I always wanted.

Thank you so much Nicola your teachings and support have been invaluable."

Latoya Collins

"Nicola has made such a huge impact on my life since she started coaching me back in December. At the time, I was stuck in a job that was unhealthy for my mental state of mind and that's where we began. I also had ambitions of starting up my own caking business from my home. Through those six or so months, Nicola has put me in some hard places and made me take a serious look at myself and why I do the things I do. This has been so SO beneficial for me and I wouldn't have made the progress I have so far without her pushing me along the way. I got out of the job that wasn't working for me. I started seriously pursuing my dream of starting up that caking business (which is just getting off the ground as I type this). I honestly cannot recommend her as a coach more. The changes she has guided me to make and the decisions she has helped me to come to have changed my life for the better. So if you're looking for someone to help you do the same, stop looking. You've found that person."


"Nicola is a real earth angel with a heart the size of the moon and a depth the Pacific would envy. Nicola is equal parts supportive, challenging and inspiring with exceptional listening and empathic skills. Through working with her I have found coping mechanisms, inspiration and motivation to live my best life."

Nicole Deans

"I recently had a few appointments with Nicola to help me with some nutritional support and have learnt a lot from her, she gave me the tools to introduce a healthier diet in my day to day life and for my family as well. I highly recommend her to help anyone in any aspect of their life that they feel needs improvement."

Katherine Miller

"Nicola is an incredible woman. I was drawn to her light, her energy, her calmness - she just felt safe, non judgemental and like nothing could phase her.  I knew nothing about Nicola or her life but understood that she had been on a journey of self discovery and throughout this learning she has found amazing courage, strength and acceptance and that she is now ready to share her experience with others around her.

Some of Nicola’s life story subsequently unfolded throughout the course and this went even further to highlight what an amazing woman Nicola is to have travelled a road that has been filled with emotional and physical challenges that would see many of us closed off to the possibility of love and kindness in the world.  Nicola has chosen a different path. She has chosen to use her experiences as building blocks and as lessons. To come out and find love, to find forgiveness, to find strength from within to give her the tools needed to move forward with openness and a generosity of spirit.

That Nicola is now choosing to use her experiences to help others is further testimony to her desire to help humanity, to help heal itself, one soul at a time. In working with Nicola, you will find compassion, empathy, strength, guidance, love and understanding and perhaps most importantly, the basis for so much of what Nicola is offering - is the ability to listen. To listen, to hear, to understand, to take action.  Nicola is an amazing, strong, kind coach and mentor and a trustworthy, empathetic partner to have with you on your journey."

Gerry Shackleton

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